If you own a hotel, resort, restaurant, food outlet, lounge, bars & cafés, spas, salons or any other similar business, and you think your business is “AWESOME”, and more people should know about it then you should contact us immediately!


CITYHYD is Hyderabad’s first and only recommendation and city guide. We provide the Internet user with a powerful platform that gives the quickest possible overview of the best segments Hyderabad city has to offer.


Well it’s very simple, all you need to do is- “Invite Us” to your place. We will send couple of our City Ambassadors to experience your services and products. We expect you to offer what you think is your best services and products to our City Ambassadors and expose them to what you really want them to share with people. Next, our City Ambassadors will share a complete story of their experiences at your place. Our team will then spread the message all across the internet using our website, social media channels and email newsletters. During the course of action, our City Ambassadors will take pictures and may be short video clips, which will be published by us on various internet media. Of course, we expect this meeting to be strictly invite only and free of charge for our City Ambassadors.

Your Benefits

You actually get a true value for almost no cost, by getting published on CITYHYD you gain a lot of credibility as a brand and a serious recommendation from us to visit your place. Be assured that you will not only gain enhanced brand image but also new customers. With your hospitality and excellent services, you will have the chance to get permanently featured as a super recommendation on our platform. Yes, you will be charged nothing while we spread your message all across the internet. The only thing that you bear is the cost of hosting our City Ambassadors while they visit you.

Who Are Our City Ambassadors?

Believe it or not, our City Ambassadors are not our employees, but they are your customers. Absolutely, right…they are the real customers!! CITYHYD constantly seek, select and provoke local citizens from Hyderabad to share their true experiences at the various places in and around the city. We motivate them to share what is really worthy of sharing, but in their own words and in their own stories. CITYHYD is a true city guide and recommendation platform and we are absolutely by the people, for the people!