Before watching any movie, I do some research on it, like is it an original version or just ‘inspired’. I dug and found out that this film is a Bollywood version of Telegu and Tamil films which were really big hits.

Story Line of Gabbar is Back

The story of the film goes from present to flashback and then present again. Akshay Kumar as Professor Aditya kidnaps 10 corrupt officers from each field of Govt. services and kills one of them with all his corrupt records and an audio cd stating who the victim was and why he is killed. Police gets it but cannot find out the killer. Similarly, Professor Aditya aka Gabbar kills another and yet no one could do anything; in the meantime, a sincere constable gets really interested in this case and when rejected by the higher authorities, started his own investigation which led to almost point zero. Gabbar goes on killing one after another corrupt officers. On the other end, Gabbar meets his ultimate arch-enemy, Jigvijay Patil played by Suman Talwar and that leads to more killing. In the end, Gabbar kills Patil and surrenders to the police. While Gabbar is being punished for his crimes, he made millions of Gabbars all over the country.

My Thoughts

My thought after watching the film was, Akshay looked amazing, as he was portrayed nearly as a superhero. In his superhero avatar, Gabbar leads the youth to stand up and end corruption. And to make his point clear to the whole corrupt world, he goes murdering people. To scare everyone (who takes bribe) for life, he thought murder is the only option, so he killed many corrupt people. At the end, he also admits that it is the wrong way to teach lesson, and that he is guilty, which really confused me and I am sure to all other as well. Why someone would KILL a person to teach others a lesson; and becomes a HERO in people’s mind? The idea was really horrifying. Besides, I did not understand the role of Shruti played by Shruti Hasan. Was she Gabbar’s girlfriend or lover or ‘just friend’; is still a mystery.

Should You Watch Gabbar Is Back?

If you are a fan of Akshay Kumar, you don’t need my recommendation right? You would definitely go and watch. Keeping aside all the whys and hows, you can watch this film. I am not sure how much entertaining you will find this film, but every now and then we do know that Akshay Kumar’s movies work…somehow!


Gabbar Is Back, the movie is without doubt for cleaning away the corrupt from the world but lacks good screenplay. For me the movie was a bit too violent; that is the reason, I did not like it. Imagine, if killing was the only solution for corruption, then India would turn into a large graveyard. While watching the film, I felt this film was another ‘Jai Ho’ or ‘Ungli’; basically over-enthusiastic, highly pretentious film with less reality in it! If only a film could make a difference to the world, still I would give this film 3.5 stars, but since that is merely a wild dream, Gabbar Is Back gains 2 stars (maybe!).

Rating: 2 out of 5 Stars, only watch if you are ok with violence or you are a die hard Akki fan!

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