Time To Move Ahead

So, you have been writing for several years now? People admire what you write. You probably are looking for something big now. How about getting published? Well, if these thoughts have crossed your mind before then here is the opportunity to make them a reality. If you’re looking for options to get published, then this carnival could help you. Writer’s Carnival, an initiative of Nivasini Publishers, is being held at Our Sacred Space, Secunderabad on Saturday, February 8 at 5 pm.


Source: Graziadaily UK

Discover The True Stories

The speakers of the events are Narasimha Karumanchi who is a self-published author of technical books. But don’t mistake his approach as vanity publishing as his books are now widely accepted in universities as reference material and are also translated in 58 languages including Korean, Chinese etc. He will be speaking on “how I used technology to self-publish and distribute my books.”

Also, Taufeeq Ahmed (known as Toffee), a software engineer, will tell his story “Twists in my tale of publishing.”

Jatin, whose books will soon adorn the book shelves in leading bookstores had a tough time finding his publisher and he will be speaking about “How to persuade till you find the right publisher.”

Apart from their talks, Mrs. Nalini Nanda Kumar, a former staff member at Hyderabad Public School will be reading few excerpts from the book “Family Matters,” published by Nivasini. Family Matters is a collection of over 100 poems and prose pieces related to Family from emerging and seasoned writers across nine countries including India, Italy, Australia, Singapore among others. It also includes a story and poem by the renowned director and lyricist Gulzar saab and Australia’s most famous working class poet, Geoff Goodfellow.

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Want To Be There?

A nominal fee of Rs 50 for students (they have to get their id cards) and Rs. 100 for the rest will be charged.

For registrations email: mailnivasini@gmail.com or call: 7799967909

You can also check out the event on Facebook Page here.