Wowed in Amazement

Tucked in a lane in Banjara hills, Lalithha Das enjoys teaching painting, yoga and meditation as we are busy running the rat race. But what’s so different? You won’t believe me, but guess what she teaches painting to blind students. Yes, I had the same expression what you are having right now, simple astonishing! There’s more. She also hosted an exhibition of their paintings appreciated by all in the city, recently.

Blinds Painting Hyderabad

How Can You Teach The Blind Students?

How can one teach to the blind students? A self-taught artist, Lalithha, humbly smiles and says “There is nothing we cannot do. I have been painting for many years now and I have experimented with colors, oil paint, and I am fortunate to have my paintings exhibited internationally too. As we speak, my paintings are being exhibited in Canada.”

How did she think of the idea? She has been interacting with blind students for a couple of years teaching meditation. But 9 months ago, the idea struck what if they can learn something new and that’s how it all started. Even the students did not believe me, she says. After having a hearty laugh when they felt that their teacher, Lalithha is serious, they gave in.

How does she teach them? She decided to use emotions as colors.  Anger means red, Peace is white, happiness or victory is green and comfort is golden yellow. Lalithha smears the colored bottles with different kinds of smells—the fragrance of lemon around the yellow paint, jasmine around the white etc. This helps them recognize the colors too.

Although reluctant in the beginning, as the blind students began to understand the colors, they let go of their inhibitions and began painting. Some of the painting even took a day but the efforts did not go futile.

“I hope to help them make greeting cards and  host more exhibitions. The proceeds from the sales will be invested in their future.” she says.

Lalita Das Painting

Lalithha Das


Salute The Spirit Of Humanity

We Salute Lalithha’s spirit and her efforts in this noble mission. You can also make a difference, not necessarily by helping blind students, but whomsoever you think needs some help. Do it in your own way, it doesn’t matter how you do it or how big or small it’s. It’s about doing it, so just do it!

To interact with the painters or to contact Lalithha email: