Levi’s Effect?

For teens “cool” factor is the most important thing and until they are associated to something “cool” it’s worth, otherwise not! Levi’s Jeans brand is where it all started. It came into the market as a cool brand and every teen wanted a Levi’s jeans, but few years down the line things changed. So, what was the change? Well the answer was quite simple- Levi jeans were a cool, young brand until parents’ started wearing them! The last thing, young teen wants is to be in the same fashion category as their parents…

children of facebook

Is Facebook Becoming A Victim Of Levi’s Effect?

Ok, here is an insight- Facebook’s largest user base is now aged “30”. Going by the trends, these days teenagers are abandoning Facebook for other social media networks such as Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat. Social Media experts are calling this phenomena as the Levi’s Effect. As per the reports, in the year 2012 Facebook was the primary social media channel used by teenagers, but this year (2013) Twitter has already overtaken it as the top choice.

As per the sources, the older generation that is the mid 20’s and higher, began signing up on Facebook primarily in the years 2009-2010, one of the big agendas of parents joining Facebook was to spy on their kids. When Facebook became more accepted among the older age groups then people were logging in to Facebook for reconnecting with old school and college friends.

So now the big question is: Is Facebook no more a “cool” factor for young teenagers? Well, only time will tell, for now we can only wait and watch!