Two Interesting People

Last week I was fortunate to meet two people whose names started with A. One was Anju and one was Abdul, a dancer. Anju is a facilitator and she works with people with disabilities and she trains on employability skills to people with disabilities. Abdul is a dancer and an actor who cannot hear. He belongs to the deaf community.

Dancing Diva

Since 2002, I have had the wonderful opportunity to work with people with blindness by recording lessons for them or just spending time with them. In the beginning I thought I was doing them a favor by recording lessons but slowly as I or perhaps anyone will observe that in their company, we are the people with disability. We fail to understand the people with disabilities. Now coming back to the two As.

Dancing Deaf

Anju is trying to create a platform where we, the non-deaf community overcome our disability to not understand them i.e., people who belong to deaf community. And Abdul is one of the participant in the performances. Unfortunately, I missed the drama hosted in Hyderabad but I am excited to witness the first ever dance performance by the deaf community in Hyderabad.

And, I urge each of you to be there so that we can overcome our disability to communicate with them. The dancers call themselves “Rockstars.”  But how did they learn to dance? By feeling the vibrations and learning the different levels of pitches through the items commonly used. And, trained dancer Parul has taught them the steps after conducting several workshops with the help of Anju and Aria has volunteered to design their costumes.

Well this is not a charity initiative nor is it a sympathetic program. It is a medium of expression by the deaf community. It is going to be a drop in the ocean of culture and arts. Each person is responsible for cultural growth and this is the contribution of the deaf community to the society. So if you can be there on 24 November 2013, here are details-

Sweet Nirvana, Kavuri Hills at 5: 30 pm.

This event is organized by DAD, Drama association for the deaf. Show your love and support and be there!!

This post is written by Nivedita.