Lakshmi Manchu’s Fake Twitter Followers

It just so happened that I was checking for the followers of Lakshmi Manchu and I realized that a lot of her followers have a similar kind of pictures. In fact, there was a pattern of followers’ pictures. For example many male followers had a Shah Rukh Khan or a Salman Khan profile pictures, whereas the female followers had pictures with Henna on their hands or a picture of a girl while taking a picture of someone using her camera.  This got me thinking if there is something fishy!

Celebs buy Fake Twitter Followers

A Tool For Checking Fake Twitter Followers?

One thought led to another, and I started thinking- may be these celebs would be the top customers of those auto-follow or fake follower bots on Twitter. There is already so much pressure because of competition among these followers that expecting them to buy fake followers would be an understatement. Anyhow, I started thinking of an audit tool using which I could really check the authenticity of the followers on Twitter and guess what I stumbled on this post by Mani Karthik, a blogger himself.

To my surprise, he has already done the same analysis using one tool for several celebrities from India. This is what I got from his blog about the tool he used-

Tools UsedTwitter Audit
How it works – Each audit takes a random sample of 5000 Twitter followers for a user and calculates a score for each follower. This score is based on number of tweetsdate of the last tweet, and ratio of followers to friends. We use these scores to determine whether any given user is real or fake. Of course, this scoring method is not perfect but it is a good way to tell if someone with lots of followers is likely to have increased their follower count by inorganic, fraudulent, or dishonest means. TwitterAudit is not affiliated with Twitter in any way. Developed by @davc and @grossnasty

To check the post from which above passage is taken, click here.

Do Celebrities Buy Fake Twitter Followers?

Using Twitter Audit tool, I gathered the results for few of the famous superstars of South India. So, here are the results:

Lakshmi Manchu has approximately 219,863 Fake Followers!! So, this tool proved my pattern recognition true…!

So, clearly Twitter Audit Reports of all the followers above also proved my second assumption that celebrities do buy fake followers a lot. To confirm the validity of results of Twitter Audit, I then performed the audit on my Twitter account and here is my result-

Well 83% score, I beat all the celebrities by a lot of margin. Even though, I too have 96 Fake followers, which is an eye opener for me. In any case, this Twitter Audit tool is amazing and all those big numbers of celebrity followers we see are not real, so don’t make those huge follower numbers a big deal!