Vettel Wins Indian GP 2013

Sebatian Vettel won the Indian Grand Prix in both 2011 and 2012, and once again he dominated the circuit with record times in all three practice sessions and a perfect qualifying round this year. Of course, he continued his fine form at the Indian Grand Prix 2013 and took his 4th Championship title. Vettel is now Formula One’s youngest 4-time champion.

Sebastian Vettel Formula One

The Unbelievable Celebration

Vettel celebrated his victory in a rather unexpected manner by spinning doughnuts in front of the grandstand. Vettel then stood on top of his car, the Red Bull, and saluted the crowd before bowing to his car. Vettel said- “Winning the title in Brazil last year was special too. It was a crazy race. But to win in a place like this will stay with me forever. The place teaches you so much”. Vettel said he enjoyed his success with Indian fans and will always cherish it!

Vettel went further ahead and said- “It’s in human nature to complain and especially as a German you tend to do that a lot. It would be frightening to see the problems faced by the people of this country and yet they don’t seem to complain. They are all happy. I know it is a huge country but I hope I get the time to explore it”.