BBM for Android and iOS

Finally, after a long time BlackBerry has released the BBM for Android and iOS. The news is the biggest step towards what is the supposedly the comeback strategy for BlackBerry post the acquisition news last month by Fairfax Group for a $4.7Billion. What is really fascinating for BlackBerry that there are rumors of another big party getting interested in its acquisition, and that big party is none other than Lenovo! BlackBerry officials revealed that Lenovo has not disclosed the bid amount yet and they don’t have any further information on it. Isn’t this getting interesting? What will be the effect on the pricing of BlackBerry now, the acquisition bid will certainly seem to go higher. One party who will surely be concerned with Lenovo’s move is Fairfax Group!


Over 10 Million Downloads For BBM

BlackBerry reports that over 10 million users have downloaded BBM, which is now a cross-platform mobile app, in the first 24 hours since its launch. BlackBerry also reported that BBM topped the Apple App Store’s free apps list in over 80 countries, including the Unites States of America. Despite the explosive start at the Apple App store, BBM hasn’t bombed the American Play Store’s equivalent. Another good news for BlackBerry is that the reviews on both Android and iOS platforms so far have been highly positive, and developers are confident that there are no possible major glitches that could jeopardize the BBM app.

BBM Acquisition Rumors

Should Whatsapp Be Worried?

BBM remained a major BlackBerry asset long after the company had entered its gloomy turnaround. BBM’s launch for iOS and Android has been much awaited. BBM’s biggest rival is WhatsApp. Another interesting phenomena that we want to bring to your notice is- BBM’s cross-platform support comes at a time, when many Whatsapp users started to receive their fee subscription notice for further use, which means for those users Whatsapp won’t be a free app any more. Now the big question is- will this be a blessing in disguise for the BBM? Ironically, Whatsapp entered with a free app strategy against the BBM when it was fairly doing well back then, but life has taken a full circle and it seems these two parties have swapped their pricing strategy. This could really hit hard Whatsapp and may result in cannibalization of its own user base. At this moment, we can’t say beyond it. Let’s wait and watch…!