News Is Read, Really?

Ok, let’s confess that no one has the time for reading the news anymore, it’s more about reading the headlines and scampering through the stories that we probably find somewhat interesting to our taste, but the fundamental question comes to the mind is- Is this what we want?..Well, No! We want to be informed, pretty much about each and everything in and around us, but what we don’t have is the attention span. So, what is the solution?

NIS Android App

News In Shorts: A Revolutionary News App

Well, we bumped into this mobile application, which claims to provide the solution to the problem of attention span mankind. “News in Shorts” (NIS) is a mobile based service which guarantees to deliver news within 60 words. Yes, you read it right, just in 60 words!! The NIS team pretty much echoes our thoughts and realized that people today do not have enough time to read lengthy news articles. So, they decided to take the problem head-on and built this wonderful app. Hence, their team of editors read news from all the sources, handpick the best stories, and summarize them so that users can get themselves updated within minutes, using the News in Shorts mobile app.

How does News In Shorts Works?

News in Shorts provides only factual news without personal opinions or biases. The content of News in Shorts is more about brevity of news focusing on readers who do not have time to read news. The summary of news delivered via the mobile app has two aspects to it. First part is technically the extraction of the most apt information for the summary from the long original news article and second part is then re-structuring of the extracted information into a coherent consumable composition, which is delivered via the mobile app for a fast and reliable user experience of news consumption. For NIS, the extraction part is automated and the system does its magic, and the re-structuring of the summary is manually curated by the credible team of editors before the news actually appears on the app.

News In Shorts Team

News In Shorts is a creation of 3 students from IIT Kharagpur and Delhi. All 3 co-founders are on a sabbatical from their IIT studies and working hard to expand the popularity of “News in Shorts”.  They took this volunteer break from their studies a couple of months back with an aim to drive an innovation in the media app industy. The good news is their efforts are already paying off, growing leaps and bounds, the company has already bagged its first round of funding from Times Internet within 4th month of its operation.

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