Innovation Is The Corporate Trend

Innovation is gaining more and more focus all around the world. It’s probably the most clear communication from the corporate world- “Innovate or die,”according to The Boston Consulting Group’s most recent survey of innovation and new-product development, companies across all industries and regions have taken innovation deep at their hearts!

As per BCG’s latest survey, companies have ranked the importance of innovation higher than ever before, building on the trend of the last 5 years. BCG has been constantly working towards state of innovation survey from all the companies around the world since 2005.  This time BCG has collected data from more than 1,500 senior executives, the data collected allows for comparisons over time as well as across regions and industries. The BCG reports are the findings that capture executives’ views of their own innovation plans and their opinions of other companies’ innovation track records.

One of the key features of the BCG’s 2013 report is that- “it examines companies and innovation through the lens of what gives successful innovators their edge“. For the first time BCG also asked survey respondents to rate their companies’ innovation performance relative to their peers in the marketplace, interesting!

BCG’s Most Innovative Companies of 2013

BCG Ranking of most innovative companies 2013

The BCG’s list consists of the great technology innovators especially among the top ten such as Apple, Microsoft etc. Surprisingly, the automakers showed a strong surge, a trend that began last year as per BCG. Another interesting facet of this year’s ranking is- this time, BCG also asked respondents to identify upcoming companies at which innovation is driving rapid growth, which obviously had an impact on the survey data.

So now the billion dollar question is- Do you wanna work for one of the top 50 innovative companies of the world?