This week we feature another very interesting startup on CityHyd: SlickAccount. SlickAccount is based out of India and is supposedly first of its kind- small business money dashboard platform for SMEs, startups and individual professionals. If you have been ever worried about your profitability and all the crazy accounting stuff, then SlickAccount could really come handy in your rescue. So, let’s discover more about SlickAccount!!

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What SlickAccount is all about?

SlickAccount, as the founders say it is the “slickest way” to manage #smallbiz money. SlickAccount is a profitability and an accounting dashboard platform for small businesses such as SMEs, startups, professionals etc., where you will be able to focus more on understanding your business better while the most complex accounting stuff is taken care by the system itself. SlickAccount is an absolute cracker of an intelligent platform that helps you spend your quality time on the critical areas of your business rather than crunching numbers.

When SlickAccount was founded & what stage is it at currently?

Initially, SlickAccount was created as part of 8i Creations Lab back in 2011 to fightback the financial crisis of 8i Creations that it suffered during that year. SlickAccount received a good opening and received a very positive response from its small business clients. In July 2013, SlickAccount became an independent entity and was registered under the Slick Account Pvt. Ltd. company name. Since, then company is on a growth mission and continues to expand its user base. At present, SlickAccount is bootstrapping and will look for investment in the near future.

What is SlickAccount’s business model?

SlickAccount is priced fairly cheap at $15 per month (~Rs. 750/- especially for the Indian customers) with a 30 days trial period. It has two flexible options for subscription: monthly and annual. Of course, if you register for a 1 year subscription you get a special offer of only 10 months payment. Users can request for a free trial by creating an account on the SlickAccount website.

SlickAccount Accounting Dashboard

What is so unique about the SlickAccount?

SlickAccount focuses on profit and how small business can leverage insights and learning from their spending and income data to attain more profits. In short- SlickAccount is the life line of a small business. The simplicity of SlickAccount is so mesmerizing that any small business will fall in love it. And that’s what SlickAccount’s customers are saying- “It’s so simple that this doesn’t feel like an accounting software“.

SlickAccount is continuously integrating very innovative yet simple to use tools to its system that help small business owners a lot in really getting the deep insights into their business performance, which means they are able to work more on the actual business part of the business everyday!

Who are the people behind the SlickAccount?

SlickAccount was founded by 3 co-founders: Jyotirmaya Dhal, Sanmaya Kumar Dhal, and Bibhu Datta Dash. All of them are serial entrepreneurs and small-business consultants. Earlier they co-founded 8i Creations, a web designing firm, that has been running since 5 years now and serving customers in over 20 countries. The SlickAccount team is also working with the government of Odisha to help them develop tourism sector in the state and running a website: visitmyodisha.

Special Note from Jyotirmaya- Request a free 30day trial, and I’ll love to give you a personal demo!

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