In a bizarre event, a young CA student from Hyderabad hacked tycoon Anil Ambani’s IT Tax filling account. Unfortunately, the 21 year old CA student has been issued an arrest warrant already. As per reports, what seemed like an attempt to know the income of Anil Ambani resulted in all these proceedings.

Anil Ambani Reliance

Anil Ambani has outsourced his IT Tax filling to an accounting firm with headquarter in Hyderabad. The reports say- the company twice received the password changed notifications for Anil Ambani’s profile, which made them suspicious and after confirmation with Anil Ambani’s office, they reported the issue to Police. The Police clearly came out registering this case under cyber crime.

What’s really funny is- the young upcoming CA got all the information she was looking from Anil Ambani’s profile such as his income last year, the income tax he paid, his PAN card details etc, but it’s the password notifications that got her into trouble. The girl is pleading guilty, but there is no further word from Anil Ambani on it. So, let’s see what happens.