This Friday we all planned to go out and have lunch to give a miss to our old fashioned office canteen food. We all wanted to come out of the boredom and thus the plan just happened. After a lot of discussions, we finally zeroed on Eat3 as our final destination. We found this restaurant on Zomato, the restaurant rating website, and ultimately decided to go for it.

Thanks to CityHyd, where we, the people of Hyderabad, share what is really worthy of sharing on this wonderful platform, but many ask me why? Well, my answer to them is very simple, you can’t be simply relying on those rating websites, even though there are few true reviews but most of them seem too sweet to believe!  So that’s where the voice of people become important, people who have experienced by themselves and CityHyd is truly about sharing reliable experiences, and my word of advice to everyone- when you read posts like this, do share your reviews and opinions because they count and in the long run it will be helpful to others.

EAT3, The Restaurant

So, we started for Eat3 at around 12:30 pm from our office. The restaurant is located in Kondapur, just behind the TCS building. As soon as you reach the venue you will be satiated by seeing the place. It can be defined as a place nicely maintained with a lot of greenery around it.

 Eat3 Restaurant

Just as you park your car and enter the place, there is a wonderful open seating to your left with many trees, providing the essential shade especially under the boiling Hyderabad afternoons. Then there is the main building which has the in-house restaurant and as you walk further you will see one more open area.


The place is so clean and so well maintained that you will be overwhelmed at the first sight it. Well, in the picture above the open area may seem to be extraordinary, but believe me, it’s real hard to sit there during the day time with the angry sun over your head. So my suggestion would be to sit inside the restaurant when the Hyderabad Sun is all blazing.

Best Restaurant in Hyderabad

If you are planning to go for a dinner, then my utmost suggestion would be to book a table in the lawns and you would really love it. But do book a seat in advance as it is real hard to get a desired seating outside during the evening. Suggestions apart, the main building was nice enough to make you feel happy. The ambiance of Eat3 is too good and it’s a perfect place for anything from a lovely intimate date to a regular after office supper.

Food at Eat3

You can find a lot of continental food along with Indian and Chinese cuisines. You can even go for some South Indian food as well. They have a lot of options to choose from. It’s a restaurant for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians, with awesome food for both the parties. They do take some time to prepare the food, so decide well and order your main course along with the starters so that you get them on time. But they certainly make you happy with the taste of the food. The food is really very delicious. And last but not the least, the desserts. They have some real good collection of desserts and you simply can’t miss having them!

Now a word of caution, on Fridays the restaurant gets overcrowded and then it’s not that much fun. Unfortunately, the staff is not good enough yet to manage the Friday crowds and it may take a little more time than usual to get your orders on the plate. Still overall, this place is nice to have your favorite foods and you will surely love it. The cost is also not too much and is very much affordable, a good value for your money. So, next time plan your supper at this fun and affordable place called EAT3.



Address: B 7 & 8, Jubilee Garden, Behind E Park (TCS Building), Kondapur, Hyderabad

Phone: 099 89 504545, 040 30512844