Well every working person waits for the weekend to come after 5 looooong work days. The motive may be different. Some may intend to eat and sleep during the weekend while others would love to explore. For the later lot of people, there are a lot of options in and around Hyderabad for a 1 or 2 day itinerary. Just browse through this beautiful website and you will get a lot of clue. Yes, a little bit self promotion :-)

In this post I am going to talk about a place in Hyderabad which is a perfect place for a 1 day outing. Rather I would frame it as a place where you can spend around 6 – 7 hours easily with a lot of fun. This place is called Runway9.

Runway9 Hyderabad

As much as the name sounds fancy, the place is equally fascinating too. Located at Kompally, Runway9 is merely a sports complex with a lot of options to explore. A small place though, it is mainly known for its Go-Karting arena which is one of the biggest in Hyderabad. While moving towards Kompally, just as you pass by Cinemax, keep sticking towards left and you will see a hording saying Runway9.

Runway9 Kompally

The authorities have kept an entry fees and you have to spare 50 bucks to enter the arena. Once you enter you will see a big Go-Karting  track on your left and a Laser Combat arena on your right. Believe me you will be really very impressed by seeing the giant Go-karting track, it’s amazing! People from all over Hyderabad keep coming to this place to enjoy this beautiful sport.

 Go Karting Hyderabad

Go-Karting & Various Options At Runway9

You need to walk a little to reach the booking counter where you can buy individual games ticket or combos. Please check their website for the combo offers as it will save you a lot. The ticket counter shows the pricing for all the available sports.

 Runway 9 Sports

If you can visit this place in a big group or with your family then this is the ideal place to be for a single day outing. Children would love this place for sure especially when you let them drive real cars while Go-karting. Friends can have a taste of real racing with super speeding Go-karts.

After some real play, you would be hungry and they have arrangements for that as well. There is a small restaurant which serves decent food at reasonable price.

 Runway9 Food

I liked Go-karting and Laser combat personally when I visited this place with my friends. All the other games are pretty usual ones and you can obviously give them a try. Archery and Shooting can be fun too.

So next time over the weekend, get off your beds and plan to go to this place. But be sure to have a slightly bigger group with you or else you won’t be able to enjoy to the largest extend, this place is all the more fun when you are in some numbers. Have fun!

Website: http://www.runway9.in/

Address: 5-115, Mohan Reddy Commercial Complex, Medchal Road, Kompally 500014, AP, India

Phone: +95-8418-232752/232753/232633