Facebook Page For Your Business

These days Facebook pages are an essential for any business.  As soon as you have your business started, you are creating your own Facebook page. In fact, it has been observed that Facebook pages are getting started way before the product or startup launch as part of the digital marketing strategy, which makes for an ideal buzz creation before you are actually into the market. Facebook pages are not only helping you create the awareness about your product but also helping you get feedback from the customers directly.

Facebook Username Unavailable

Facebook Page Unavailability Solution

Having said that almost every web business is having a Facebook page and this has created a lot of problem in finding the desired page name for your brand name of Facebook. Well, for now let’s not discuss about finding the page name, but a unique problem that I got into and I’ve seen many users over the internet suffering from the same i.e. the “Facebook Page Unavailability”. The thing is- I actually researched for the usernames on the Facebook and then finally decided to create our own Facebook page for our new upcoming project: GYANTOR, but the funny thing was- Facebook was still showing that the username is not available, which was quite confusing and irritating.

So, what I did- I went to the Facebook’s Username Help page and reported my issue through the Feedback option. And guess what in one business day’s time, I’ve a reply from the Facebook saying this-


Hi Vivek,

We have added your requested username to the Page you indicated. You can verify this change by logging in and viewing your web browser’s address bar. If you have any further questions, please visit the username section of our Help Center at the following address:


Thanks for contacting Facebook,

XXX, Page Operations


Voila, it works! I’ve the Facebook Page with the vanity URL with the desired username we were looking for, simply amazing! So, next time you are having trouble finding a username for your Facebook page, you should visit the Facebook’s Username page and may be submit your query in case of any trouble.