Himayat Sagar Lake

Just about 20kms from Hyderabad, the Himayat Sagar lake lies parallel to its older, larger and more widely known sibling –Osman Sagar lake – both of which are some of the must-sees in the city. Himayat Sagar was built on the Esi tributary of Musa river by the 7th Nizam of Hyderabad (who named the lake after his youngest son Himayat Ali Khan) predominantly to collect water during the Indian monsoons and store it to last through the otherwise dry and rainless year.

The roads leading to the lake are newly laid ones and a drive on those roads is by far the smoothest as per Indian standards – certainly a treat. On a day with the perfect weather, rent out an open backed car and all you need is good company, loud music and chips – it cannot get better than this – indulgence, that’s completely worth it!

Himayat Sagar Hyderabad

Himayat Sagar Lake, Hyderabad. Image Source: Wikipedia

The Experience It Was

We were at DLF, devouring the soupy Maggi and Chai while impulsively we took a decision to drive to the Himayat Sagar Lake.

The roads were deserted. I sat with my legs on the seat and my backside on the open window and the rest of me outside the window (obviously not safe, and I wouldn’t recommend you to do so), singing aloud and jarringly all that the car played and swaying to my own singing. The clouds chose not to rain, thanks to the merciful weather god. The winds embraced us, amiably. The drive was impeccable, what a rejuvenating one!

We got to the lake. I gazed at the waters, like I always do. Water, I’ve always believed is the most powerful of things. I stared in awe.  It was huge, the lake. It bobbed up and down; every bit of it did, almost in unison. It looked to me like it could not contain itself in its colossal receptacle; like it threatened to break out of it and foist its powerful self on us- weaklings. Or perhaps it was all in my head and the lake was just frolicking all by itself.

Lakes In Hyderabad

Himayat Sagar, Hyderabad. Image Source: Google

Across the road, stubs made of cement had been erected, one every foot along the road. It was fun trying to not lose balance atop a stub. As I gained stability on the stub, I stood there and looked around……all around. You could see nature subsisting in its elemental self. Lights from the far away road, added to the charm.

There was nothing exotic about the place; it merely gave us a reason to stop and stare…and all that solace!