South Indian Food In Hyderabad

The saying goes like this, “You visit any South Indian city and return back without having Dosa, Idly, Vada and Sambhar; then you missed 90% charm of being there”. Well that’s my saying obviously, but you ask anyone and you would hear the same. The real taste of these eatables lie in these places and you ought not to miss it. The taste gets even more interesting if you can visit the rural areas. Only words won’t be able to explain such taste and you have to try them in real to have the fun.

One such place exists in Hyderabad too and you just cannot miss this place for sure. It’s called “Govind ki Bandi”. To be honest I liked Hyderabad simply because of the copious food options you find. You can never get bored in this city if you are a foodie. So somehow I heard from some of my office folks that you should give a try to this place. But again I got a disclaimer that you have to be an early bird to get a hand on these highly delicious “Dosas”.

Our Quest For The Delicious Dosas

So five of us decided to wake up at around 5am on one fine morning and started our thirst for the awesome south Indian food around 5:30am so that we can reach the place by 6am comfortably. At first everyone denied as getting up at 5 am for us is like jumping from an airplane without a parachute. But somehow we all managed to get everyone’s nod for this expedition.  So the next day we started as planned and reached the place by 6am sharp! We were literally shocked to see the venue. It was a roadside shack!!

Govind Ki Bandi Charminar

2-3 men were busy preparing Dosa, Idly, Vada and a huge crowd was almost covering the shack. We all had the same question blinking on our faces, “We came all the way from Gachibowli to Charminar at 5 in the morning just for this?” We could have got numerous shacks like this near Hitech City. Anyway we all agreed to come and we can’t blame anyone for it.

Govind Ki Bandi Hyderabad

So, we finally decided to order something now. We ordered Butter Dosas and again started staring at each other in disbelief. Trying to ignore the situation and overcome this early morning shock, we started to watch the preparation of Dosas. One of the men took the batter and poured it on to the hot griddle and then started to make big circles, the usual way of preparing Dosa.

Best Idly in Hyderabad

He repeated the same for 5 more times. Then he started to add onions and other stuffs which I was least interested to know. The best part came when he took big butter cubes and put them in all the Dosas. The cubes were huge. My mouth started watering seeing the whole thing getting prepared, it all looked so delicious. By now all those negative feelings have gone away and my heart as well as my tongue were anxiously waiting to get the taste of these Dosas.

Hyderabad Govind Ki Bandi

Image Source: Zomato

Finally we got possession of our much awaited Dosas. We all gulped our Dosas without even uttering a word. The taste was out of the world, not at all similar to the typical Dosa that you get elsewhere, but this was different and it was really very tasty! And of course, there were those butter cubes and chutney added to the flavor.

We all finished our part within a minute or two and went on to order more. We were really impressed with the taste  and could not even imagine with just one Dosa. We got our next dose of Dosas and it’s still so much amazing. We really enjoyed those amazing delicious Dosas. By the time we were paying the bill, all our bad impression had turned into extremely satisfied and happy customer faces. Even though, I didn’t try Vada or Idly, but I admit they looked as tempting as the Dosas, only thing that stopped me was my hunger. You can certainly try Vada or Idly as well.

Best South Indian Food In Hyderabad

Image Source: Zomato

This is really a place to be if you are in Hyderabad. And if you don’t visit Govind ki Bandi, you really missed the taste of South Indian Hyderabadi cuisine. One piece of advice, you have to reach early or else you won’t be able to get your taste buds much satisfied!

Address: Char Kaman, Ghansi Bazaar, Hyderabad, AP 500066, India (Once you reach Charminar, just ask anyone about the place and you will be directed)