The latest news from the world’s largest social media website, Facebook, is that it has updated its News Feed algorithm in order to showcase more “high quality” content from pages that people may engage with.


Facebook Soon Launching Updated News Feed

Facebook’s News Feed feature have already been showcasing personalized news feed based on its current algorithm, as per Facebook this algorithm takes into several factors into account in order to determine its place on the News feed such as the author and number of likes, comments and shares. Since News Feed is explicitly generated for each user, Facebook’s one of the biggest challenges was to determine what is a “high quality” content in the eyes of the users. As per the reports, it seems Facebook has surveyed many of its users to understand what they deem as high quality content, using the responses from these users Facebook has finally made changes into its News feed algorithm to show more high quality content.


Facebook revealed that it has already tested the new News Feed algorithm on many users and it seem to be working as desired. Facebook is looking to soon roll out this new News Feed algorithm in the next few weeks to users on both desktop and mobile. Overall, it seems a great step ahead as not only the users will want to see more high quality content in their news feeds but also Facebook will be able to generate more user engagement, a win-win situation for both the users and the social media platform.