The big news from one of the largest technology firms of the world, Microsoft, is that Steve Ballmer, the CEO, has decided to retire from his current position within the next 12 months. Unfortunately for Ballmer, but fortunately for Microsoft, the market sentiments to the news have been quite positive, looks like many are happy that Ballmer is stepping down and Microsoft will have someone new to lead the company like a fresh breadth of air.


Microsoft Looking For A New CEO

Meanwhile, Microsoft reported that it will be looking at both internal and external candidates to find Ballmer’s replacement within the next 12 months. The speculation is- it will be hugely problematic to find somebody capable of taking over Microsoft because of it’s size and diversity of businesses. When Steve Ballmer became the Microsoft CEO in 2000, Microsoft was the undisputed technology sector leader and the world’s largest company by market value, but in last few years it has failed to keep up its top spot.

The market analysts are now predicting that Microsoft now needs a dramatic change. Few also mentioned that- Microsoft now needs a leader with a new direction, they need a visionary who can rebirth more innovation and deliver products for which people are willing to pay. Unless such a leader is found, Microsoft is in for a continued decline.  It’s also been speculated that Bill Gates as the chairman will come in and organize things in order to stabilize things at Microsoft. For now it’s a wait and watch game, but we will keep you posted about it.