Resorts In Hyderabad

You will find scads of resorts for a day outing around Hyderabad and believe me all are best in their own way. I am not writing this to favor a single resort or chide the others. I happened to visit this resort recently and I kind of liked this place. And that pushed me to write about this place. The resort is around an hour drive from the city (it also depends on how fast you are driving). It is located near Patancheru with a lot greenery all around. We were on a team outing sponsored by our firm. So naturally we were all on-board an AC Volvo Bus. It took exactly one hour to reach the place from Mindspace (Hi-tech city), Hyderabad to the resort. Just at the entrance of the place, you will see a beautiful gateway standing tall to welcome you with a small hoarding which says Lahari.

Lahari Resort Patancheru

Lahari Resort

After you enter the gate you need to go a bit to finally reach at the actual main entrance of the resort. As you walk into it, you are struck with the pleasant view of surrounded lush green, which will instantly soothe you at the very first glance. Lahari resort is built over a huge space, and the only way to cover the whole area is by walk, nice isn’t it? Though I mentioned a lot of good stuff about the resort till now, but the only reason why I liked this place was because of the Go-Karting! So, let me ask you this- in how many places do you get to do Go-Karting? I can easily say that there will be no more than 3-4 places in the entire Hyderabad, including Runway9 and Airport, where you can have a great Go-Karting experience. The Go-Karting track at Lahari resort was not that big, but it was still good enough to keep a good amount of interest for a team outing or for a weekend getaway.

Go Karting Lahari Resort

More Attractions

Other attractions were quite common which you can easily find in any of the resorts in and around Hyderabad. They primarily include bowling, swimming pool, rain dance, water rides, snooker, carom table tennis etc. The bowling arena was also good but the machines seemed to be not maintained properly as they were getting stuck in between, which was quite annoying at times as we had to wait for around 5-7 minutes for the game to start again.

Bowling in Lahari Resort

The swimming pool at Lahari looked good but the water rides were not maintained properly at all. The water sports or pool side activities are mostly included in your package, even if they are not you can easily afford them. Last but not the least; the lunch they organized was really very good. It was really delicious and the quantity was also more than sufficient.

Overall Lahari is a good resort. For a day’s stay at Lahari, it’s not possible to cover everything. You should probably plan an overnight stay, which will give you ample time to completely explore and experience the resort, but whatever you decide this resort certainly is a nice place to visit!

Lahari Resort Poolside


Address: Lahari Resorts, Bhanoor, Near Patancheru Hyderabad – 502305 A.P India.

Phone: +91- 77 99 66 66 33 and +91-77 99 66 66 55


*All photos have been taken from Lahari Resorts’ website.