Sony PlayStation 4

Sony revealed that it has more than 1 million pre-orders worldwide for its soon to be launched PlayStation 4 console. The Sony group officials looked very enthusiastic and optimistic when they shared the news about the world wide pre-orders for their new product into the market. Sony also announced that the famous video game footage streaming service “Twitch” will be available on Sony’s next-generation PlayStation 4.


PlayStation 4 Launch Dates

Sony officials have revealed that the latest video game console, the PlayStation 4, will be launched in the U.S. and Canada on Nov. 15th. It will be launched in Australia and European countries including Austria, Germany, Sweden and the U.K. on Nov. 29th. The PlayStation 4 will also go on sale that day in 10 Latin American countries, including Argentina, Brazil and Chile.

Microsoft Xbox

PS4 Vs Xbox One

Sony’s PS4 will cost $399 in comparison to Microsoft’s Xbox One will cost $499. Microsoft still hasn’t revealed an exact launch date yet. Microsoft said that it will certainly start selling Xbox One, its latest console, at some point in November, accentuating market competition ahead of the end of the year holiday and thanksgiving season. Sony also announced that the latest gaming console, PS4, will allow users to share their gaming experiences on the social networking site Facebook and video streaming service Ustream. Meanwhile, Microsoft also showcased rushing a contest from the “Killer Instinct” fighting game on Xbox One with Twitch. All and all, it seems to be a new battle in the making, where PS4 may seem to have a first mover’s advantage, rest only the time will tell!