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This week we feature another very interesting startup on our website called Bigbasket is based out of India and is supposedly India’s first and largest online food and grocery store. Bigbasket is not only growing at a fast rate but also receiving great accolades for its quality of service, which also one of the reason why it has become so popular in a very short span time! So, let’s discover more about BigBasket-

What exactly the BigBasket does? is India’s largest online food and grocery store. It has over 10,000 products ranging from fresh Fruits and Vegetables, Staples, Spices and Seasonings to FMCG branded products, Beverages, Personal care products, Meats and much more. The order is delivered right to the customer’s doorstep, anywhere in Bangalore, Mumbai & Hyderabad. The customer can schedule their delivery date and time (4 delivery slots per day). Payment options include cash on delivery, credit and debit cards or food coupons.

What is BigBasket’s business model and how it works?

Once a customer registers on he can browse the wide range of products, select the products he wants and place an order online. Internally the products are then picked, hygienically packed and delivered to the customer in the time slot selected by the customer. Bigbasket has tie-ups with manufacturers, wholesalers and importers and the merchandising teamwork on a combination of post order procurement and in house stocking. Bangalore

What is so unique about the BigBasket?

The service is unique as it lets customers shop for daily essentials from the comfort of their homes, saving them time, effort and money. The company provides high quality products at competitive prices along with an on time delivery guarantee.

Is BigBasket venture backed or funded?

BigBasket has received series A funding by Ascent capital to the extent of USD 10 million.

Who are the people behind BigBasket?

The Company is co founded by V.S.Sudhakar (Director), HariMenon (CEO and head merchandising), Vipul Parekh (head finance and marketing), Abhinay Choudhari (head customer service and business development) and V S Ramesh (Head logistics and Supply Chain). BigBasket’s Board of Directors include Meena and Ganesh K of Tutorvista.

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We wish BigBasket a lot of success, keep growing!