Ishant Sharma and Kumara Sangakkara

It all happened at the Puma Cricket Studio in Hyderabad where Sunriser Hyderabad’s two key players got candid and shared their light moments while letting out few secrets.

Kumara Sangakkara PUMA Cricket Studio

Sangakkara taking full advantage of the situation talked to Ishant Sharma about his long hair. Sangakkara asked Ishant Sharma if it is a problem for him while he bowls as his hair can tend to fall over. Ishant responded by saying that- ‘I think it’s a cool style for me’ and that it has to do with fashion. Ishant smartly dodged the question by adding that he was probably copying Kumara Sangakkara’s hair style when he was younger.

Kumara Sangakkara and Ishant Sharma Sunrisers

More candidly Sangakkara also shared that-  “Having been with me for 18 years, I tell my wife I should be given an award but she doesn’t agree with me”. Kumar also confessed that while his wife will say he was more romantic before and that he isn’t anymore, but he also expressed that he hopes to always keep his romantic side alive. Sharing his priceless memories, Sangakkara says there are few days in one’s life that you would never forget and told his special memory is- how he proposed to his wife, Yaheli in Australia, at the Stoke-house.

Check out the full interview in the video below:


Credits: Tarusha Saxena