Indiegogo: The Internet Crowdfunding Machine

Indiegogo, if you haven’t heard of this amazing platform than hey let me tell you this, it’s one of the most innovative internet companies on the web. It’s an amazing crowdfunding platform, which gives everyone across the globe an opportunity to raise the money for their projects, needs and pretty much everything if you can convince people into your ideas. Personally, I’m a big big fan of Indiegogo, an amazing company with an amazing vision!

Indiegogo Crowdfunding

Indiegogo’s Mother’s Day Newsletter

Not to anyone’s surprise I keep a close watch on Indiegogo, all the fund raising campaigns, the brilliant ideas that people bring and of course, the success stories, which means I’m very much subscribed to the Indiegogo’s newsletter. Today is Mother’s day and just a couple of days ago I got the Indiegogo’s Mother’s Day Newsletter in my inbox. No money for guessing, it was primarily focused on the campaigns related to mothers. I thought really interesting and another massive opportunity for the company to connect emotionally with the people all around the world. Things were nice until I saw a campaign which kind of surprised me.


indiegogo mother's day

Well I came across “Knix Underwear Mother’s Day Gift Pack”, really? This could be an amazing gift, with no strings attached, but in a global newsletter it just can’t fit. Why? You come to Asia or Middle East and you will exactly know why I’m stressing on this point. People will just shy away from such gifts, this is a very cultural thing and one can’t be even thinking of gifting a pack of underwear to his mom.

Indiegogo Forgot To Consider The Cultural Sensitivity

Really, I don’t want to make a big fuzz out of it, but I want to make a clear point that companies have to be very considerate of the fact that cultural differences of their customers can mold into different perspectives about the same thing. This is a clear indication of a situation where Indiegogo thinking of an emotional connect went ahead with a special Mother’s day newsletter, but forgot that the content is not an appropriate fit for the world audience together especially the middle eastern and Asian subscribers. I ran a small test to understand the sensitivity of  the situation in which I decided to ask 5-7 people of Asian origin what they feel about such a campaign for a Mother’s day gift. Not to my surprise, they all tagged it as a blunder and also pointed out this may hamper company’s image as an insensitive brand. Wow, big words, which personally I wouldn’t have said it.

Interestingly, I now simply want to stress on the point that global companies have to be slightly more sensitive to the cultural differences, otherwise your brand image could take a big hit or may be in some cases losing customers.

Though, I still want to reassure that such mistakes can sometimes happen and as a customer give companies that chance to improve. Personally, I love Indiegogo and I’m sure they will take care of it. My big take away from the situation and the experiment – Think Global, Think Cultures!