At CITYHYD we love to promote new businesses especially the one who are still in their initial stages, but of course with a lot of potential to conquer the world. Taking a step forward, we have now decided to shift our focus to these new indigenous startups in order to help them in their missions. With this we are proud to present our “STARTUP SPOTLIGHT”.

Startup Spotlight

And the first startup that we put under our spotlight is an Indo-English setup, founded by couple of graduates from India who went to the Imperial College, London, in order to acquire business acumen in the form of an MBA! We are pleased to introduce “Founder Mates”.

Founder Mates

CityHyd’s special thanks to Ms. Nidhi Kapoor, Co-founder Founder Mates, for sparing the time to share enough in-depth insight into what the company is all about and its mission.

What FounderMates is all about?

In one line – FounderMates connect entrepreneurs with advisors at no cost.

FounderMates enable entrepreneurs from idea to established stage to have access to “just-in-time” advisory when they most need it. In short, it’s like a support system for entrepreneurs that too at no cost. At the moment, we are providing our services to India and U.K.

When was FounderMates been founded? And what stage is it at currently?

FounderMates was founded in January, 2013. At the moment, we are a fully functional community and expanding our sphere of influence through rigorous marketing in both India and U.K.

FounderMates is currently bootstrapped by the founders with plans to seek funding in the near future soon.

What is FounderMates’ business model?

It’s a free to use for now. You can register to the website as either an advisory or an entrepreneur. It enables entrepreneurs to seek just-in-time advisory based on location, skills, experience and industry.

FounderMates aims to disrupt the current methods of seeking advisors which include social media, informal networks, attending events or cold calling to make the process easier and faster and thus help entrepreneurs when they need advisors the most. No more hassle of finding great advisors through informal means or spamming on social media channels.

What is so unique about the FounderMates?

No such other products currently exist in UK or India that focus exclusively on connecting entrepreneurs with advisors for free.

Who are the people behind the FounderMates?

Nidhi Kapoor, Cofounder, is a former enterprise consultant with MBA from Imperial College, London. She is a passionate about leveraging technology to solve problems that make a difference.

Raunak Guha, Cofounder, is a former CRM consultant with MBA from Imperial College, London. He is deeply inspired by the spirit of Entrepreneurship. Raunak is passionate about enabling and fostering entrepreneurship amongst masses.

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Nidhi Kapoor

Raunak Guha

CITYHYD wishes FounderMates godspeed success!