The famous Helicopter Game is so addictive that most of you won’t be able to stop playing… FOREVER!! We know a guy who once played this Helicopter game so much that he quit his job, divorced his wife, and now lives in his uncle’s basement just playing helicopter game all day long. Yeah not really but it is kind of really addictive, so don’t come later saying we didn’t warn you!

The Helicopter Flash Game

The goal is to try to fly your little helicopter as far as you can by maneuvering it through the green cave. Watch out for the obstacles and don’t crash into any of the cavern floors or ceilings. If you crash once, it’s game over no matter how far you have flown and you’ll have to start over. The object of the game is to see how much distance you can cover before finally crashing. Good Luck!

Please keep patience till the “Play Game” button turns Red :-)