Shackles Of Routine

If we look the ‘timeline’ of our lives outside of Facebook, we will find a lifelong struggle on part of society to get everybody’s neck into the shackles of ‘routine’. When we are babies, we are fed at certain fixed times of the day and then at other fixed times, our cute bottoms patted until red and until we fall asleep. At school, we go through a dozen or more years of timetables, class routines, school days, examinations and vacations. The same routine is set for us in college too; that we choose to largely ignore it is another matter.

Love your life

It is, however, when one gets a job that these shackles tighten inhumanly. I am 28 and it has been 5 years since I entered the workforce along with my peers. Looking around today, I see everybody is working and I see nobody is working happily. And for good reasons too. We slug through the first half of the week miserably, brighten up marginally in the second half of the week while waiting for the end of the week all along. Starting approximately 7 p.m. on Sunday evenings, we slump back into our miseries at the prospect of another work week.

Conundrum Of Life

It is fascinating how far we manage to tame our responses, feelings and emotions under the imbibed lessons of “professionalism”. What about those rainy mornings when you want to sit and stare at the downpour? What about giving in to your laziness and not getting out of bed until the stomach rumbles for food? What about the inexplicable and urgent desire to get away and to see something new, even if for a few days? What about the yearning for home and family? What about wanting to mope and walk around in pajamas after getting your heart broken?

sleeping baby

Our lives were not meant to be mapped between annual leaves and casual leaves, our emotions not meant to be governed by days of the week. I have found happiness and the realization of being alive only when I have submitted to every urge, every whim and every swing of my moods- not something we can afford to do while following a routine.

Dream Big

But don’t listen to me; I have not held a job for more than six months.