It won’t be wrong if you mention Hyderabad Biryani actually referring to Paradise Biryani or vice versa, the point is- like Charminar is synonymous to Hyderabad, Paradise Biryani is to Hyderabad’s authentic Biryani!

Hyderabad Biryani

Paradise Biryani- The Real One

Paradise Hotel is one of the most popular hotels located right in the heart of the twin-city at MG Road, Secunderabad. Paradise Hotel was started in 1953, initially it was a small setup, may be comparable to a small town cafe, serving tea and snacks, but with time it transformed into Hyderabad’s most authentic Biryani hub. Over the years, the Paradise Biryani became so popular that it became the most popular Biryani brand of Hyderabad. Not that Paradise wasn’t serving other Indian and Hyderabadi dishes, but Biryani is something that made it stood apart. Today, they say- a trip to Hyderabad city is incomplete without the Paradise Biryani!

Paradise Biryani Since Then

All these years when Paradise Biryani was growing in popularity like an unstoppable fire, its business has also increased many folds. Not to anyone’s surprise they have multiple outlets in the Hyderabad city now. The latest of the outlets is the one that was opened at the HiTech City, just besides the Shilpa Kalavedika auditorium. Many argue that not all outlets in the city could match the enigma and charisma of the authentic taste of Biryani that is offered by the outlet at the Secunderabad, but one thing is for sure- there isn’t anyone who doesn’t end-up licking his fingers after a wholesome meal of Biryani at any Paradise outlet. So, why question?


Paradise Biryani HiTech City

The newest addition to the Paradise chain, the HiTech City branch has a nice setup. Just opposite to the KFC, Paradise Biryani at HiTech City has separate facilities for both take away and in-house sitting. The take away section is at the ground floor and have rockstars at work, yes rockstars! You go there and place your order, and if it’s Biryani your order will be there before you blink your eyes just after handling over the copy of the invoice to the service guy.If you go upstairs, there is a clean air conditioned sitting, but during lunch hours and on over the weekend dinners there is a mad rush, blame it on the IT Biryani fans!

What Really Works For Paradise Biryani

One really good thing about the Paradise Biryani is- the value for money! Yes, the quantity of each and every pack of Biryani at the Paradise will not only suffice your stomach but your soul. I always say this one liner- the Biryani is awesome & the quantity is wholesome. Paradise as a brand is very popular that is one more thing that works in its favor. Last but not the least, the authentic taste…O you can’t find any better. Did I forget they have some special Biryanis, both chicken and mutton, that are full of “dum meat”, a delight for a non-vegetarian. In short, it’s truly the best Biryani in the whole country :)

Hyderabadi Biryani

Address: Beside Shilpa Kalavedika, Opposite Cyber Tower, Hitech City, Hyderabad

Phone: +91 40 66661199