BigBasket Hyderabad – Online Grocery Shopping is India’s first comprehensive online grocery store and has now launched its services in the city of Nizaams, Hyderabad. Since its launch in Bangalore earlier last year has served more than 35,000 customers across the city till date. It currently delivers more than 800 orders every single day, most of which are placed by existing or returning customers, a fact that confirms the trust of its growing customers in

BigBasket Grocery

The BigBasket Experience

So, I ordered my grocery online for the very first time ever. Of course, I was really excited, why? Are you kidding me? Well, I saved a lot of time in visiting the grocery store, buying it and loading it back to my house. And yes, don’t forget the commutation spending that I saved. I usually shop for grocery at stores such as- More, Hyper City, Reliance Mart etc. One of the problems these days on all these stores is- the long queues at the billing counter especially if you are buying your grocery over a weekend…..and guess what “no queues” when your grocery is delivered at your door step at your own comfort. Welcome to the BigBasket experience :)

It’s so simple, all I did was- I just went to the, created my account and started adding various items to my virtual basket. Once I was done with my list, I reviewed all the items in my basket and next selected the time slot for my delivery based on the available slots shown on the website. After that I simply confirmed my order with cash on delivery option and that’s it!

BigBasket Bangalore

I selected the evening time slot i.e. 7pm to 9.30pm from the available slots for the next day. And yes, as soon as I placed my order I did receive email and SMS notifications from the BigBasket. If you have placed the order for the first time, you may get a call from the BigBasket executive for confirming your order and welcoming you to BigBasket. After this, all you need to do is carry on with your life without being worried about your grocery!

The next day I received a call that BigBasket delivery is on its way and at around 9pm the BigBasket guy was at my door. A nicely dressed person, wearing the BigBasket uniform along with a trolley carrying 4-5 red colored baskets and lots of grocery was politely asking about my confirmation code that I received via SMS. He then gave me the printed order invoice with the list of items that I ordered. Next, he started taking out all those items one by one and I kept verifying from my list.

Few things that were really nice- all items were categorized and were in a different basket as per the classification for e.g. the frozen food items were in a different basket, the household stuffs were in a different basket, the vegetables and the fruits were in a different one and the bakery stuff was in another one. So, that’s nice that they are not mixing the dish-wash bar with your vegetables. Within few minutes, all I wanted was there and I’ve had verified my order. O yes, one more important thing that I noticed was the quality of products, the curds and the breads were of same date, which is excellent. All vegetables were very fresh and clean and very nicely packed. I paid the cash to the delivery guy and he left with a smile.

A Note On The Invoice

Few Things To Take Care

One of the things that I did notice which probably you need to take care while ordering from BigBasket is the delivery time. Seems like because BigBasket is new to the Hyderabad city and the operations are still expanding the delivery of your order is only possible the next day of placing the order. So, just in case there is an emergency situation BigBasket isn’t the right choice. Another thing that happened to me was- while placing my order for one of the items the price charged was INR 45, but next day in the morning I received an SMS saying my order has been modified and the price of that item was corrected to INR 65, which could be because of wrongly listed price or offer getting over on that item, but whichever may be the reason BigBasket has to take care of such things because customer choices on online shopping are made from the prices listed. Hence, many would not have bought the item if it were INR 20 more that what it was showing at the time of buying. Nevertheless, I was happy with the service and ok with paying 20 rupee extra, so i did.

I’m confident that BigBasket is a good service. If they can maintain the quality of their products and on-time delivery, I don’t see a reason why they would ever be a bad choice. I’ve placed my second order already and waiting for my delivery today. Hoping to get the same service experience. Happy Grocery Shopping!