We all know what an impact Twitter has had on internet users across the world, and how it has become a force to reckon, which has taken the social media world like a storm! There is no doubt that Twitter’s simplicity has played a big role in climbing the ladder to success. The thing which makes this micro-blogging website even more popular is its Celebrity presence. This is no more a hidden secret that Celebrity presence has pumped up a large numbers of users on the website and there is more number of people, who are following their favorite celebrities as it would have ever happened before on the web world, thanks to Twitter.



Twitter has been able to amass celebrities from all across the globe, which has been Twitter’s one more catchy success story. Twitter has a gathering of pretty much every profession you know including the TV Anchors, Comedians, Sport Stars, Pop Stars, Politicians, Authors, Musicians, Actors etc etc. You have Bill Gates, Larry Ellison, Sachin Tendulkar, Britney Spears, Barrack Obama, Shaq O Neil, Al Gore, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Amitabh Bachchan, Demi Moore, Mallika Sherawat, Priyanka Chopra etc etc……You just name a celebrity and you will find her on Twitter. Twitter, let’s say on the other hand has given celebrities the power to play with their popularity and experiment few interesting things over the internet.

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Whatever, it may be but it’s very clear that Twitter as a business rose because of the Celebrity presence and Celebrities grew their popularity through Twitter. Hence, Twitter has proved the theory of interdependency! Twitter by itself has understood the importance of celebrity presence and that’s one reason why Indian Bollywood Actress Mallika Sherawat was invited to Twitter Headquarter. The news of actress spread like a fire across India as ideally intended by Twitter and amassed a huge number of users after Mallika’s visit. What worked in Twitter’s favor was the fact that among the new joiners were also the celebrities from India, which attracted more number of common people joining Twitter from the second most populous country of the world following their favorite celebrities.

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As they say it- Food might not taste as delicious as when you are hungry likewise Twitter’s Celebrity brigade wont have been as significant as it is today without its Followers (the fans aka the usual users). Statistically and logically, more the number of people following a celebrity on Twitter is equivalent to the higher popularity of that celebrity. Plus, why would celebrity want to miss an option so simple of staying connected to masses just by text-ing(tweeting) few lines about themselves and gain popularity. Twitter not only helped celebrities reach to masses, but also provided them a platform to market their stuff on the web by themselves, it gave them an opportunity to get reviews and suggestions about their soon to be launched products. All such things help celebs market themselves as brand and grow their businesses.

Beyond all, Celebrities are humans and the greed of success and popularity co-exists among all. So, it matters a lot to a celebrity that how many people are following them. They feel happy and thank their followers when a milestone is reached. They feel proud about it. After all being most popular is everybody’s dream. Moreover, being popular helps business too. So, its clear that we love following our favorite celebrity on the Twitter and they loved to be FOLLOWED and we are also hoping that few people will start following us after reading this blog :-) @HYDCITY !