When you have an action movie with Tom Cruise in it, there is automatically a lot of expectations riding on it. Jack Reacher not only makes up for the Cruise’s action image, but also a series to follow, after he is done with the Mission Impossible sequences. Yes, Jack Reacher is an action filled movie, may be overly metaphor on the strong character of Jack Reacher, but having said that it’s an out and out action cinema.

Jack Reacher Movie Review


Jack Reacher is directed by Christopher McQuarrie, who earlier worked with Tom Cruise on the 2008 super-hit film Valkyrie, which was based on World War 2. Josh Olson worked on the early screenplay and adapted it from Lee Child‘s original best seller, while McQuarrie worked on the finished script. Jack Reacher is the adaptation of British writer Lee Child’s 2005 thriller novel One Shot.

Jack Reacher


Jack Reacher opens up with a random sniper shooting at ordinary people walking along the river shore. Out of the 6 shots fired, one is missed and 5 resulted in a casualty, yes 5 dead people. But within few hours the cops have resolved the case. The accused caught by the cops says: You have got the wrong man and  then asks for Jack Reacher-“Get Reacher for me”. Even before cops could find who this Reacher is the ex-military investigator Jack Reacher, played by Tom Cruise, is already there. Jack Reacher soon realized that something is not right and soon the case takes new twist and turns. Next, Jack Reacher is working with a young lady defense lawyer, who in order to revive her career trying to help the accused man. And then there is a a little thrill and a lot of Jack Reacher actions in the form of wild car chase, shooting range, gun fires, evidence poaching, and lots more….till Jack Reacher solves the mystery of the case.

Tom Cruise Jack Reacher


Jack Reacher is a complete Tom Cruise film, there are only few frames where the lead actor is missing. As much fictitious Jack Reacher’s character may sound in the novel, it doesn’t do any justice in the film as well. Jack Reacher still seems more of a fiction than a reality. There are illogical and incomplete reasoning of why Jack Reacher is the way Jack Reacher is in the film. He is a mover and a swifter, but his purpose isn’t defined and how from no where Reacher is everywhere. It’s more like a Salman Khan or Akshay Kumar illogical movies, filled with awesome action and yet a weak plot to its burden. Yes, Jack Reacher is still a treat for the Tom Cruise fans with the action hero in enough action shots.

CITYHYD Rating: 2.5 Stars, a treat for the Tom Cruise fans, others may not like it!