Many people want to do something for the society and for the social causes, but hardly any get success in what they want. Why? The reason is simple, people are too much occupied in their own lives that they could hardly find time for anything other than their own personal stuff. With the change of technology and the influx of many new connecting ideas over the internet, it has become far more easy to find time for social causes and social issues that you support. Scratching your head? How? Well, the technology and the web have evolved all the new ways of supporting what you want to and making a difference to the society. Let’s discuss how using Social Media you can make a difference to this world.

Sharing On Facebook


Social media allows you to open up a whole new approach to support social engagements. Social media is all about engagement, not spamming the internet. There will always be people talking about social causes and few talking about a social cause of your interest somewhere over the internet. These people are your prospective supporters, because they are already actively engaged in the social issues that you care about. Topics on Twitter are found using the hashtag (#), so you can find your social causes by searching those hash-tags for the related topics and engaging with the people already involved in those conversations. You need to get involved into those conversations and concoct their interests in your social cause if need be.

Sharing On Twitter


Social Media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter bless you with a network of your friends, families, co-workers, business partners and many more users who believe you are a relevant person to be on their friend lists or follower lists. So, this gives the opportunity to you for sharing your social causes and social issues with your networks. Do not shy away from sharing what you really believe in, and never underestimate your effort of sharing information about your social causes over the internet, trust us these efforts are not worthless because this is a great contribution toward spreading awareness and providing information about your social causes, in short you are already indirectly making a change.


If you want to take a step ahead, you can share links and websites about the social causes on social media platforms and may be start few groups and communities and invite people who you think will be interested in your social causes. Sharing your causes on Facebook and re-tweeting  related information on Twitter, or voting for such posts on Reddit, Stumbleupon etc. is another good way to get the word out.

Social Causes

Sharing the links or websites or articles or blog-posts over the social media platforms is probably your biggest move toward making a difference to this society that too just by sitting in front of your computer and making few clicks. We at CITYHYD really believe in the power of “Sharing” and we want you to realize the same. So, if you really support a social cause do not forget to “Share” whatever you can over the social media.