Google Plus

Without a doubt, Google Plus’ most attractive feature is the Google Hangouts. You feel like a celebrity broadcasting your live video feed, and what better than people across the world joining you…Wow!!

Google Hangouts


You can start a Google Hangout from your Google Plus profile anytime you want. Not only that you can also start the hangout sessions from your Google business pages or by simply clicking the hangout icon in the left side of Google Plus.  The hangout session is however limited to 10 participants for most of the users, including the host. And yes, those 9 participants will need an invitation. Another amazing feature of Google Plus is its integration with YouTube. You can access YouTube videos, do screen sharing and chatting. Google Plus is a great example of video conferencing with enhanced features.


Google Hangouts On Air take the Google Hangout to a new level, to the public and let everyone see the event both live and recorded. Yes, the video streaming from your Google Hangouts On Air are saved on your YouTube channel, where it’s saved as a YouTube video and can be seen anytime just like any YouTube video, isn’t it really cool. Sharing the Google Hangouts on Air live event is very easy as simple as sharing any link. The Google Plus Help Page is currently alerting its Google Plus users that Hangouts on Air have a new look. And yes…..with the update to a full screen default, the Google Hangouts will be cooler than ever before, awesome!!

So, would you like to go on air using Google Hangout On Air ?