The world is changing and so are our tastes for everything in food, gadgets, books and…! Yes, the internet has changed everyone’s life and it will continue to do for next thousands of years, if not more. One of the biggest changes that are most evident in India especially over the period of last 2-4 years is the upcoming of e-commerce websites in the Indian market and their continuous arousal in number. The e-commerce explosion in India has not only worked in the comfort of the consumers but also opened a floodgate of opportunities from brands across the world. And no kidding, international brands are at disposal for the local Indian consumers, certainly a win-win situation for both the brands and the consumers!

Label Noire In India


One such international brand, which has a worldwide name, is soon making an entry in the Indian market- Label Noire. Label Noire is a British clothing brand specifically aimed at the consumers aged between 14-25 years. It’s a brand that is made ‘just’ for young people. The brand will be entering India in 2013.

Label Noire UK


Label Noire is fast growing clothing brand and expanding its international market. After establishing itself in the U.K. , Label Noire has recently launched its India website- Label Noire is still in its pre-launch stage, and if you want to avail the coolest merchandise along with great prices as soon as it launches in India, all you need to do is- go check out the Label Noire’s India website and sign up in order to keep up to date with the brand. So, what are waiting for? It just takes 30 seconds to discover an all new international brand on your computer screen :)….

You may also have a look at Label Noire’s UK website here.