Just imagine a Saturday morning when you wake up only thinking about the fun activities that are lined up for you over the entire weekend.  Yes, you are least bothered about your grocery shopping and squeezing those unwanted mandatory hours in your weekend calendar just because it’s a necessity. No kidding, this is no dream. All you need to do, in order to buy your grocery, is- Go to Bigbasket.com!

bigbasket.com Hyderabad


Bigbasket.com is India’s first comprehensive online grocery store and has now launched its services in the city of Nizaams, Hyderabad. Since its launch in Bangalore earlier this year BigBasket.com has served more than 35,000 customers across the city till date. It currently delivers more than 800 orders every single day, most of which are placed by existing or returning customers, a fact that confirms the trust of its growing customers in Bigbasket.com.

bigbasket.com Bangalore


Bigbasket.com offers convenient, one stop online shopping for high quality, fresh products at competitive prices delivered right to your doorstep. With a catalog of over 10,000 products including fresh fruits and vegetables, grocery and staples, meats, personal care and branded products, BigBasket.com delivers everything a household may need. Additionally it also guarantees on time delivery of the freshest products at competitive prices, which is hardly guaranteed by any seller in the country. In order to make the shopping experience extremely user friendly, Bigbasket.com offers multiple delivery slots and payment methods. A shopper can choose one of four “2-hour delivery slots” on any day of the week and decide how he would like to pay for his order i.e. either online or cash on delivery, it’s that simple!



With a CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) of over 30% month on month, BigBasket has grown more rapidly than anyone anticipated. What is even more interesting is the fact that most of the growth of BigBasket is attributed to the word of mouth marketing from its super satisfied customers. As a result of its overwhelming growth, BigBasket now has different set of challenges especially in its operational capacity to deliver massive number of orders on a daily basis. Bigbasket.com delivers all orders using its very own fleet of delivery vans and employs a team of highly trained delivery personnel.  So, in order to sustain its growth and expansion, BigBasker has to continue improving its operational capability for delivering thousands of orders per day. BigBasket.com intends to build on this momentum with its arrival in the city of Hyderabad.