A Florida based Mathematician who loves numbers so much that he sees the patterns in almost all the things in and around him, Zachary Harris never imagined that he will make his way into the Google office just by doing his usual stuff i.e. playing with the numbers. Yes, Zachary Harris didn’t know if the job opportunity that he received from Google was for real before he hacked it.



Harris’s strange and rare tale of success was first reported by Wired. The report says that one day a strange email hit Zachary’s inbox asking if he was interested in a job with Google. The email read- “You obviously have a passion for Linux and programming, but I want to see if you are open to confidentially exploring opportunities with Google?”

At first, Harris though it was an email spoof sent by a spammer, but in order to really confirm the same he started examining the email. Soon Harris noticed that the cryptographic key meant to verify the email was not using encryption as per the industry secure standards. Technically, Google wasn’t using a standard 1,024-bit key, which is more like a digital security industry standard, but it was using a 512-bit key, which is fairly considered as hack-prone.


Not sure if it was really a spammer who sent the email, Harris decided to take his chances and hacked the Google’s bit key. Next, he sent an email to Google CEO Larry Page, pretending to be Sergey Brin, Google’s co-founder. This what the email said-

Hey Larry,

Here’s an interesting idea still being developed in its infancy: http://www.everythingwiki.net/index.php/What_Zach_wants_regarding_wiki_technology or, if the above gives you trouble try this instead: http://everythingwiki.sytes.net/index.php/What_Zach_wants_regarding_wiki_technology. I think we should look into whether Google could get involved with this guy in some way. What do you think?


Harris also made sure that the reply to this email comes to his own email id.

Google Panda Algo


There hasn’t been a job offer from Google yet, but Harris did notice massive influx of traffic coming from Google. He soon realized that Google secretly and quickly also upgraded its cryptographic keys to 2048 Bits. This is exactly when Harris recognized that it wasn’t the spammer who sent him the email and he just did all this for fun.

Now the million dollar question is- Will Google hire him? Also, what will you do, will you hire Harris for your firm?