MTV Roadies is clearly the outlier of the Indian Television world, at first place no one expected it to be such a huge hit, but beating all odds and creating a mammoth impact over the youth of the country, MTV Roadies’ first season was a game changer of the Indian reality TV scene. Rannvijay Singh, who was the first ever MTV Roadie, have since then held the fort for the show as a primary host. Rannvijay, by far, has been the most sort-after Roadie among all the winners the show has ever produced and he has since then done a brilliant job as a TV presenter of the show.


MTV Roadies All These Years

Travel, adventure, drama, politics, abuse, voyeurism….and many more unimaginable emotions have made the show somewhat a youth icon. And one after another, MTV Roadies have completed 9 Seasons since 2003. People have loved this reality series to such an extent that many have tried their luck at its auditions for years in the hope of getting into the show. People have discovered the hidden unknown real self within along the journey of being a Roadie. Young India has desperately waited for the show every year without missing a single episode and the winners are showered with such a fame that they never imagined in their whole lifetime.

Rannvijay Singh MTV Roadies

What Really Clicked For The MTV Roadies

Reality TV was certainly an unknown territory for the Young India when MTV Roadies started in the year 2003. MTV Roadies was probably the first fling of the youth with the reality show based on Bikes, Travel, Tasks, Drama, Money, Politics, Hot Chicks, Abuse and Fame. It was a whole package, never seen, never observed before with so much casualness before. Raghu Ram and Rajiv Laxman, who made this show, are the two people who usually take the personal interviews for it. They are well known for their frank behavior and free usage of slang and abuses with the interviewees and the contestants, which in itself was so different for the Indian audiences. And then the contestants at the show created enough drama to make it a rage among the youth of India. Beyond anyone’s expectation, MTV Roadies rocked the TRPs and became a big name.

MTV_ Roadies_ Bani

MTV Roadies Coming To An End ?

Since the year 2003, there have been many reality shows hitting the television. It’s like a bubble burst in the Indian TV Arena, there are numerous reality shows now. The formats of all these reality series may be slightly different, but the core ingredients remain the same- Politics, Abuse, Back Stabbing, Hot Chicks, Money and Drama. Unfortunately, MTV Roadies has been a big victim of people’s little or no interest. 2012’s season finale got a 1.12/10 TRP which was even lower than the rating achieved last year for the 8th season’s finale. If the verdict is to be believed the show has become “unpredictably” predictable, the twist and turns have lost their charm. Strange twists in the 9th season left everyone to lose hope on the compatibility of the original finalists to win, in the end what turned out to be a dull Roadies season could not ever keep the audiences engaged. Just when everyone was still coping the trauma of the most disgusting season of Roadies ever, there is already an advertisement flashing on the TV for the Roadies 10 audition, which obviously could be a make it or break it season for the epic show.


The more people wish to continue watching the show, the more it has disappointed the audiences in the last couple of years, bringing back the lost charm when the makers of the show have almost opened all their cards will be a big challenge for the MTV Roadies Team, and to bring something fresh yet profound will probably be the biggest hurdle for the MTV Roadies in the coming season i.e. Season 10 ! Let’s hope MTV Roadies 10 can make a strong comeback this season, we also hope that it comes to Hyderabad again and pick the best of the deserving talent from the city of Nizaams.