English Vinglish is the comeback film of Bollywood’s one of the most promising actresses Sridevi. All these years Sridevi has been known for her superb acting talent, but soon after she got married to the Film Producer & the brother of actor Anil Kapoor, Bonny Kapoor, she went on a sabbatical…and with English Vinglish Sridevi is back in the business.


The Plot Of English Vinglish

English Vinglish is a simple and sweet movie. The script of the movie is very neatly written and it presents one of the most common problems faced by the Indian house-wives, the English speaking problem! Sridevi plays the role of a typical Indian home maker who is busy with her household responsibilities, she never got the time to back to the school and learn the English language, but one day she is hurt and irked by the comments of her family about her English speaking and reading skills. Soon there is a twist in the tale and Sridevi has to leave for the USA to help her only widow sister in her daughter’s marriage. She has a horrid time because of her English skills throughout her journey from India to the USA, each and every minute of her journey she was scared and under-confident just because of her English language abilities. Fortunately, Amitabh Bachchan who plays a cameo in the film helps her with her English as a co-passenger in the plane to the USA from India. After reaching the USA, one day Sridevi is stranded all by herself in a café and the situation goes so much out of hand due to her English skills that she feels small in front of everyone around. The self realization inspires her to take up a 4 week English language course and then the story goes on. Finally, Sridevi comes out with flying colors with her English language skills!


Sridevi And The Star Cast Of English Vinglish Are Brilliant

English Vinglish is a film about Sridevi and she does a complete justice to the script by pulling out an above par performance. Yes, Sridevi is back and she is back with a bang. You will love Sridevi’s performance in the film, she could not have done any better than what she has done now. With English Vinglish Sridevi has announced herself on the big stage and what a dream come back, Kudos ! Other than Sridevi, every other actor in the film has done a brilliant job. Three actors in particular have done a tremendous job in the film and sure need a special mention for their acts- Priya Anand who is a Tamil/Telugu actress and acts Sridevi’s niece in the film played a beautiful supporting actress’s role, helping Sridevi throughout her English learning journey, Adil Hussain who is a theater artist plays Sridevi’s husband and he pulls out a perfect act in the film, last but not the least, French actor Mehdi Nebbou who plays Sridevi’s French class mate and friend cum admirer at the English language school does a brilliant job with his part. Mehdi Nebbou’s acting was sweet, his admiration and respect for Sridevi is nicely depicted in the film and how Nebbou cares for Sridevi is swimmingly showcased in the film. Nebbou sure leaves a strong mark with the film….simply awesome!

The Verdict Of English Vinglish

The script of the film is simple and sweet. The film runs at a nice pace, neither too slow nor too fast. There are few songs, which have light music and goes very well with the theme of the film. Tracks such as English-Vinglish and Manhattan are already very popular among the masses and are nicely shot at the heart of the New York City. The Indian-American wedding is beautifully showcased in the film and the picturization is awesome. Overall, English Vinglish is a family film and you can watch it with anyone. The film is fresh, the star cast is fresh and it leaves you smiling at the end of the show. English Vinglish is 135 minutes of joy ride, you will love every bit of it and when it will get over you will feel like wanting it more, yes such is the charisma of the film. A well made movie that you can’t miss watching.


CITYHYD Recommendation: 5 Stars. You can’t miss it, book your tickets now !