After all the Hoopla-hula hoop at the launch of the South India Shopping Mall in Kukatpally, the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) has now taken full control of the shopping mall and sealed the entire building for not obtaining the occupancy certificate. The South India Shopping Mall was inaugurated by the super star, Mahesh Babu, which obviously created a lot of buzz and brought the mall under the lime light.


Mahesh Babu at the Opening of the Mall

According to City Planning Officials, the building owner of the shopping mall has not yet obtained the occupancy certificate, which by law is an essential before the building is occupied. Government officials seemed very firm and reiterated the fact that no building can be occupied until the occupancy certificate is issued by the local governing authority.

Mahesh Babu fans at South India Shopping Mall, Kukatpally, Hyderabad

Mahesh Babu fans at South India Shopping Mall, Kukatpally, Hyderabad

The City Planning Officials confirmed that the building was let out to the South India Shopping Mall even before the valid occupancy certificate was issued. As per the official reports, it’s said that the owner of the building submitted the application for the occupancy certificate on September 22, 2012, but it was rejected on many illegal grounds such as- the road-widening portion was not left vacant by the builder, an electric transformer was put in the unauthorized road portion, and many more reasons.

South India Shopping Mall Kukatpally

South India Shopping Mall Kukatpally Getting Sealed By Police

So, what looked like a fancy inauguration has now turned into sealed government area, thanks to the poor planning and negligence by the building owner. And of course, hard luck for the South India Shopping Mall, this sure is a poor start and at the moment no one knows where it is heading…unfortunate !