Fashion….ooops we meant Heroine, but trust us if you have seen Madhur Bhandarkar’s Fashion you will almost go into nostalgia visualizing Priyanka Chopra’s ramp walk while Kareena Kapoor walks the red carpet in the movie as Heroine!

Heroine Movie Review

Plot of Heroine

The storyline of Heroine is obviously based on the story of an actress (a.k.a. Heroine in Hindi). Kareena Kapoor plays the lead in Heroine and is known by the name of Mahi Arora. Kareena depicts the role of a famous actress who is self obsessed, insecure, emotional and confused. Heroine tries to capture the various phases in the actresses’ life from top of game to the dark days of struggle and rivalry. In between the film brings the goods and the bads of actresses’ whole life, which isn’t much of a surprise to anyone though. Kareena does her best to keep the script alive, but having said that plot of Heroine is highly predictable without any surprises being thrown. Kareena Kapoor is almost in each and every frame of the movie and the second half is all about Kareena’s on screen weeping, smoking and near to nervous breakdown acting, but nothing that could really keep the audiences busy. The end of Heroine is like a sudden death in a lame football game, you will almost feel – What? Is it over?

The Darker Side Of Bollywood Actresses’ Life

There were a lot riding on Heroine, post Fashion Madhur Bhandarkar had gained a lot of fame and stature in the Bollywood cinema, and the hype created around the film had raised the expectations to the pinnacle. Despite the task well done by Kareena Kapoor, Heroine seems to be, if not a plain copy, an extension of Bhandarkar’s earlier highly acclaimed movie, Fashion. Madhur Bhandarkar’s Heroine tried to bring out the darker side of a Bollywood Actresses’ life. The script of Heroine tries to get its hands dirty with each and every masala thing in the actresses’ glamorous yet mysterious lives. Heroine shows actresses’ struggle, secret affairs, self obsessions, rivalries, alcoholism, unhappiness, lesbian relationship, an affair with the cricketer and, last but not the least, the sex scandal in the form of MMS, but did it spring anything new that audiences don’t know? No!


Heroine’s Only Saving Point Is Kareena Kapoor

Yes, Heroine’s script was ordinary and it was highly predictable, but still Kareena Kapoor has done a fabulous job in the movie. She single handedly drove the movie from start to end. Unfortunately, Heroine still can’t be termed as Kareena’s magnum opus because there wasn’t enough that could have left the crowd stunned in praise. Kareena looked full on glamorous in the movie, an image that suits her well off-screen too. After watching Heroine, you could only wish if only the script had something special this could have been Kareena’s best film.


The Verdict Of Heroine

If you have seen Fashion, then you will not like Heroine that much, but if you haven’t then you might like it more. Having said that Heroine is a dud ! Poor and predictable script, nothing much beyond Kareena’s character and a disastrous ending of the film will make you look confused as well as dislike the movie. If you are a hard core Bebo fan, you will like the first half of Heroine a lot, but second half will frustrate you seeing Kareena crying in each and every scene. Overall, Heroine is pretty average film.

CITYHYD Recommendation: 2 Stars, Watch it only if you are a Bebo fan !