A late realization, but Twitter has got one of the most basic needs on its platform full-filed today….Yes, we are talking about the “ME” button, which just started flashing on your Twitter timeline only a little while ago.



Since the time Twitter has been online, if at all you would want to check your own tweets, the only option available was to click your profile name and then it will show you all the tweets that you have posted starting from the most recent. For so many years Twitter had missed this one basic feature where a user can see its own posted tweets. No kidding, they missed it and for long it wasn’t there….!



Finally, the problem has been solved with the launch of “ME” button, now on your Twitter account you will see this new option flashing. Check the below picture to see by yourself what we are talking about->


So, next time in order to check your own tweets all you need to do is hit the “Me” and you will see your tweets starting from the most recent. Such a basic feature and yet it took years for Twitter to bring it “Live”, but the good news is- it ends your irritation of clicking your profile name (a.k.a. Twitter Handle) to see your own tweets.