Barfi is mesmerizing, a perfect piece of art, an indulging poetic experience !! Yes, Yes…..Barfi is one such movie when you start talking about it, you just can’t stop yourself by starting with a lot of good words about it, and the best part is everyone will agree to you undisputedly.



The star cast of the movie is certainly the top brass of the Bollywood, playing Barfi in the movie in the lead role is the exceptionally talented Ranbir Kapoor. Ranbir plays a strong character without even enacting a single dialogue in Barfi, he plays a deaf and dumb character. Along side Ranbir, we have the most versatile actress in the Bollywood at present, Priyanka Chopra. Priyanka plays the role of an autistic girl Jhilmil in Anurag Basu”s Barfi! Priyanka does a fabulous job with her character in Barfi and many will quote her performance in Barfi as the best till date. With Barfi Ileana D’cruz, the actress from the Tollywood, makes her debut in the Bollywood. Ileana is probably the glam quotient of the movie and of course, the narrator of the entire movie. Ileana makes a strong statement with her debut and delivers a profound performance in Barfi. Ileana’s performance in Barfi can be quoted as a dream debut for the pretty diva.



Anurag Basu has done a fabulous job with Barfi. Barfi not only brings a fresh breathe of air into the Indian cinema, but also takes the art of movie making to the next level. A movie which doesn’t have too many dialogues, but it’s the narration, the screenplay, the cinematography and the sheer class acting that steers it apart and above the rest of the world.



Few of the notably undeniable plus points of the Barfi are its transitions of the plot, the perfect narration, the beautiful locations and the background score. Barfi’s plot moves back and forth into the time, but a profound story that has been told in a simply charismatic way leaves no stones unturned. Barfi at times will provoke the audiences to ask question, how does this happened, where are we now and then, the transitions are so apt that even before you die of frustration of your curious questions there is an answer to all your questions. A movie that first let’s you run your heads, makes you ask questions and answers it at the right time with the most appropriate transitions. The transitions are handled with utmost care by using the perfect story telling mostly done by Ileana in the movie. Barfi is a treat to eyes when it comes to locations. Shot in Darjeeling and Kolkata the movie showcases great sights especially Darjeeling looks like a heaven. Greenery and mountains make each and every shot at Darjeeling lively, certainly a treat to watch.


The makers of Barfi have nicely used the background music of the movie, the musical instruments used and the anonymous band playing the melodious tunes at various junctures of the movie seems very much the part of the movie. Though, the musical instruments used and background scores played throughout the Barfi have a striking resemblance to the French movie, Amelie, yet the music is soothening and goes well with the plot of Barfi. Talking of Amelie, it was directed by Jean-Pierre Jeunet and was nominated for 5 Academy Awards in the same year when Aamir Khan’s Lagaan was nominated for the best foreign film category at the Academy Awards. Overall, all the songs are very melodious and the music of the movie is a top pick.


Ranbir Kapoor’s acting in Barfi is a performance at its pinnacle. Sheer class acting, expressing each and every emotion to the perfect balance is what Ranbir has done in Barfi. Playing a lively character who first falls in love with the pretty Ileana and later with the austictic Priyanka Chopra, Ranbir is the gold hearted performance of the movie. At times you will feel that Ranbir’s character in Barfi has been inspired by the legendary comedian, Charlie Chaplin. In fact, few of the scenes do look like a straight derivation of the Charlie Chaplin films. Having said that Ranbir has done full justice to his role and it’s hard to think of any current Bollywood actor who would have pulled of the same character which Ranbir delivered effortlessly.



Barfi is an epic! A complete film that takes you on a unique journey with itself, you will flow in the time along with Barfi and its transitions, you will fall in love with each and every character. It will shake your emotions to the core and when it will be time to leave the theater seats you will still wait standing there not wanting the Barfi anytime soon. Barfi is a movie for everyone, go with family or friends, but you can’t just miss this magnum opus. Speechless is the word for it ! Barfi is one film we are confident that can will an Oscar for us, awesome movie.

CITYHYD Recommendation: You Just Can’t Miss Barfi! 5 Stars