Almost everyone of us has used the Google Maps and we may all agree that it’s a great tool and probably the best online map service available on the whole internet. What really complicate things is- Google Maps are not easy to use, despite being the simplest of the mapping software it’s a tough nut to crack for a non-techie. So, let’s take a deep dive into how we can create our own custom Google Maps.


First and foremost, go to Then you will see this-

Next click the “My places” button and you will see this-


Then click the “Create Map” button and now you will see below options coming-

You need to give a title to your Google Map, you also need to give a description for the same. You can create either a Public map or an Unlisted map, whichever you want to. Then click “Save.

Next, you will notice few new icons flashing on your screen, this called the Google Maps toolbar, which appears in the top left corner of your Google Map. Each item flashing in the toolbar performs a unique function and each icon called with a different name (from left to right) the select tool, the marker tool, and line tool respectively.



The most important tools out of the three is the marker tool, also known as the blue teardrop. The marker tool is mostly used for marking the important landmarks in your map. You can drag the marker to the desired landmark or location in your map. When you place the marker on your map you will see that a placemark index begins on the left hand side of the screen. Each index will help you keep track of your marker.


The marker tool have a variety of icons that you can use use in your maps. For example, if you were going to the Airport, you would drag your marker to the launch point, click the marker in the index, which brings up the marker menu on the map shown above and then click the aircraft marker icon.


Similarly you can create as many number of markers as you want and visually depict everything on your custom Google Map. Now go and play with it, it’s fun!