In the current era of Internet, each and every one of us is looking for one or the other information over the internet as a result we end up visiting multiple websites and unintentionally registering on them for access. End result is you have so many passwords and logins to remember, and what becomes even more cumbersome is when you have to use the forgot password options and follow the entire security process to recover your password. Complicated… Right?



Internet has become such an important facet of everyone’s life, from emails to banking transactions we do many things over the web. In recent years, the need for managing all your online accounts and data carefully without any security breaches  is one of most common concerns among the internet users. One of the outcome of such fears is strict password policies for user accesses, forcing you to chose strong alpha-nuemeric passwords. Yes, it is good that we need to select as strong as password we can, but after all we are human and we can get in the trap of using the same password all across the web. Again, the end result is if by any chance your one password is leaked, your all internet accounts are under a serious threat. So, keeping a new and strong password for each web account is probably one of the most difficult of the tasks at hand.



My1Login is the answer to your online password management wooes. Yes, My1Login is one of the coolest password management services around, and it offers a smart way to remember all your online passwords. One more very interesting feature and obviously a very essential utility it offers is- visitors can measure the strength of their passwords in order to find out if they are really considered to be safe. Another ultra useful feature is calculation of the time it would take to break your password by hackers or hacking software.


Few days back, Linkedin and Last.fm user passwords were compromised and just imagine if you were among one of those web victims, you must have been doomed by now if you were using the same password across all you web accounts. Password management services such as My1Login are certainly the need of the hour. So, try it !