There must have been so many instances when I had an Idea in my mind and I got me very excited to check if I can file a patent for it. Well, I’m sure many us come across various ideas and all we hope is to find out: if there is already an idea similar to ours and if there is a patent already filed against it? Until today, I was as clueless as you are, but guess what I found my solution in the form of our very own “dearest” search engine: Google !!

Yes, no kidding. Google is maintaining a complete database of all the patents filed under the US patent office and has recently extended it to the patents filed under the European patent office as well. What is even more exciting is that now you can search all those patents online with complete details. To search for Patents you need to access this url:  

Once you open the link you will see a normal Google search screen, but it will be searching your query against all the Patents those have been filed till now. Well, I know one person who has filed a patent at the US patent office, so I decided to search for his patents by entering his name in the search query. See what I got-


So, you see it did a regular search query against the keywords that I gave, but in the results it gave me all the Patents. What it even more exciting is the fact that you can see the complete details of the patent such as Application number, Publication number, Filing date etc. Of course, you can read the entire patent online or have the option to download it as a pdf on your machine, icing on the cake !!

Simply Awesome …..



Next time, when you have an idea that erupted out of your nerdy brain, don’t just let it go at the expense of resources available at hand to verify it, but rather just do a Google Patent Search, the ultimate patent information solution.

Author Of The Post: This post is written by Vivek Nanda, he is a software professional and a tech blogger. The source of this post is his tech blog. A Hyderabadi who loves the Chicken Biryani a lot !