Personalize Google News

Slowly and steadily Google is trying to make everything as customizable as possible for its users. One of the latest move in this direction is customization and personalization of Google News. Yes, now Google gives you an option of receiving news that you prefer the most. You gain absolute control of what kind of news you prefer and Google will make sure that you get the stuff you are looking for.


Google Chrome With Personalize News Options

Well not to our surprise, Google is providing the personalization features on its very own browser Google Chrome. Google Chrome, which actually synchronizes all your personal choices with the various Google applications you use, gives you ample options to select the topics and areas of interest for which you would like to see the news feed on Google News.

Here is the screen shot from Google Chrome for the Personalize Google News:


Not only you can control the topics and areas of interest for your Google News feed  but also customize selectivity levels in order of your preference so that you can see as much of a news about a topic as you would prefer. Isn’t it fantastic?

Hope you will customize your Google News feed now reading what you really want to read.