After all the hype and O-lala Pooja Bhatt’s Jism 2 released this Friday. Jism 2, co-produced by Dino Morea, created enough stir among the Indian media before even its making started, right from signing the Canadian porn star, Sunny Leone, as a female lead to releasing raunchy pre-launch movie teasers, the makers of the movie tried everything to gain the attention. If that was not enough, there were Sunny Leone’s bikini auctions, erotic posters, and censorship controversies. Despite the super hype created around the Jism 2, does the movie has enough in it to pull the audiences to the theaters? Well, let’s find out.



The plot of the Jism 2 is a typical Bollywood movie setup, which fails to surprise anyone. The story revolves around officer Ayaan played by Arunoday Singh who along with his boss Arif Zakaria hires a porn star Izna played by real life porn star Sunny Leone to seduce the most wanted terrorist Kabir played by Randeep Hooda. Randeep who used to be a good cop before he turned into a terrorist had an affair in the past with Sunny Leone. Hence, she becomes the perfect bait for Arunoday and company in order to get hold of Randeep Hooda….And then you know there isn’t much in the movie.



Sunny Leone as expected is almost a non-actor, beyond her getting clothe less there isn’t much she is doing..O, yes……there are her clueless expressions whenever she is sharing the screen with the male lead actors of the movie. Arunoday tries hard to beat Sunny Leone with his disappointing acting skills and hasn’t done much in the movie as well. Randeep Hooda is made to cram the lines straight out of Sahir Ludhianvi’s poetry, which hasn’t came as swiftly as one would have expected.



Poor story, flaky screenplay, bad dialogues and below par acting sum up exactly what Jism 2 is all about. Jism 2 is a total disappointment and a waste of time movie. The only saving factor of the movie is its cinematography, which captured the Sri Lanka locales beautifully. Overall, Jism 2 is all hype, no show…. A dud !!


CITYHYD Recommendation: 1 Star, Better be avoided !!