At first if someone tells you this- “A man is killed. He reincarnates as a fly. He seeks revenge”, you will most certainly scratch your head and might not even ask the next question, but leave. Well, that’s what EEGA in one sentence, yet it has done a tremendous job at the box office and continues to do so.


The Storyline of EEGA:

Nani, played by an actor of the same name, is a young man whose only goal in life is to impress the love of his life -Bindhu (Samantha). Bindhu works at a NGO, and sometimes she makes an occasional cold call looking for raising money to keep the business going. One unfortunate day Bindu calls Sudeep, played by Kannada film star Kiccha Sudeep, a wealthy crooked reality developer who instantaneously fells for the pretty and young Bindhu. Later Sudeep learns that Bindhu has a crush on Nani. In order to remove Nani between him and Bindu, Sudeep kills Nani, but Sudeep didn’t count on the transcendent power of love. Nani is reincarnated as a house-fly. Nani as a house-fly makes Sudeep’s life a hell. With a bit of persistence and some help from his former human flame, Bindhu, a plot hatches and together they plan their vengeance in some of the most amazing sequences you would have ever witnessed.

What really worked for EEGA:

First and foremost, one has to credit the unexpected script by Rajamouli. Who would have thought that one can turn a common house-fly into a protagonist of the movie and, more importantly, into an unbelievable threat to the villain that too keeping it simple i.e. not by making the house-fly a super-fly with extraordinary powers and magic, but by keeping it just a normal house-fly. You have to give a huge round of applause for bringing in such an imaginative and inventive plot for EEGA, most people would have called such a script a mere stupidity, but there you go- EEGA is a huge success already.

The computer-animated sequences of the films are shot to perfection. One would have feared that too many animated frames might result in the overdose, but EEGA does a brilliant job in this department as well. Not even for a single moment you would feel bored. One might look for technical flaws in such cases, but in EEGA there isn’t any, simply flawless !! It is incredibly well-paced, and at right around 2.5 hours, that’s quite a feat in itself.


One awesome human-performance in EEGA comes from the Telugu film newcomer, Kiccha Sudeep in the negative role. If you see, Sudeep had to basically act largely opposite an imaginary house-fly. Just imagine as an actor how difficult it would have been to get the expressions right when you are actually playing with a house-fly and all you have is mono-acting without any dialogues. Hats-off to the superb performance thrown by Sudeep at the disposal of EEGA, Wow..In a performance that goes long stretches with no dialogue at all, Sudeep steals the show !!

Last, but not the least, how can one forget that goddamned house-fly. Only S.S. Rajamouli pull it off with a house-fly as a protagonist in the movie. There is a training scene with the fly lifting weights and running on a makeshift treadmill for god’s sake! And still it does not feel out of place at all.

EEGA has superb action sequences, most imaginative storytelling you would ever experience, technical excellence, and few comical frames that just keep coming… EEGA has it all !!


You Should Watch EEGA:

Even though, the movie is a Telugu film, but it has been released with subtitles. Our advice will be- even if there isn’t any subtitle don’t stop yourself from seeing this extra-ordinary film. EEGA is certainly not about dialogues but about immense acting, you don’t require subtitles, just go for it.

CITYHYD Recommendation: 4.5 Stars – You Can’t Miss It, Must Watch !!