Karthi’s latest Telugu film Sakuni a.k.a Shakuni is a remodeling of Tamil film Saguni. The plot of the movie revolves around Kamal Krishna (Karthi) who asks the ministers for help to save his home from being acquired by the government for building a railway-track instead the Chief Minister (Prakash Raj) insults and throws him out. Kamal decides to revenge the Chief Manager and starts his very own political ploy. Then the whole story is about how Kamal takes over the Chief Manager.


As far as the story is considered it is very predictable, in fact till the first half of the movie there isn’t much happening in the movie and the second half is obviously the much anticipated political drama. The character of the Chief Minister looked half-hearted effort by the script writer, there could have been a powerful character, but in the movie the lead actor’s script too much overpowered the actor in the negative role. The narration is certainly off the track and very weak. The heroine’s character is very limited till the first half of the movie only, not many frames in the second half for the lead actress.

Overall, Karthi has done an Ok job with the poor script. Rest all the characters looked off-colored and miserly utilized. Praneetha only flashed in the songs. Prakash Raj did fine with what he was offered in his negative character. Radhika and Kota were Ok, and yes, Anushka played a short cameo.


The music of the movie is disappointing, not one song has clicked with the masses. The final verdict is Sakuni is a movie to avoid. Except few comical scenes, it is a waste of money. Predictable script, bad songs, powerless characters and weak plot make Sakuni a not so good affair. Hence, you will only go and watch this movie if it may be the last thing left.

CITYHYD rating: 1 star, better be avoided !!